Grief Works

Stories of Life, Death & Surviving
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Death is the last great taboo, and its consequence, grief, is profoundly misunderstood.

‘Grief Works’ is a compassionate book demonstrating how an examined death is as important as an examined life. It shows us through vivid case studies, that when we face our fears: the death of someone we love, our own death or being with bereaved friends, we are paradoxically, better able to cope with them.

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Helen Fielding

Bestselling Author of Bridget Jones's Diary

Julia Samuel describes her patients' stories of loss with great sensitivity and fascinating psychological insight. Essential for anyone who has ever experienced grief, or wanted to comfort a bereaved friend.

Rabbi Julia Neuberger

Rabbi of West London Synagogue and Member of The House of Lords

Intelligent, empathetic, modest, funny and learned

William Boyd

Best selling Author of Sweet Caress

A wonderfully important book and transforming book - lucid, consoling and wise

Cathy Rentzenbrink

The best selling author of 'The Last Act of Love'

‘Fascinating. A wise and compassionate book full of insight and understanding that would help anyone experiencing grief, or those surrounding them. I am so glad this book exists.'

Geraldine Thomson

BACP Accredited Counsellor

'Julia brings a keen intelligence and compassionate heart to her work with grief. This shines through in her writing, making this book accessible and invaluable for both the public and practitioners alike.'

Christabel McEwan

UKCP Registered Child Psychotherapist

'A wonderful book, absolutely packed with insights and information that will illuminate this shadowy area of all our lives.’

David Macmillan

Company Director

'This is an extraordinary book.It should be essential reading for every family or friend, everywhere. It is moving, and profound, as well as practical and clear. It is extraordinary how this subject, one which truly does affect absolutely everyone, has never been properly covered before.You must read it.This book will really make a difference to all our lives.'

Bettina Von Hase

Art Consultant

'It is very, very good, and incredibly timely, as there has long been a gap in the market for such an expert book. It is a useful tool for everybody; I wished it had been around when I had my own experiences of loss. The great achievement of this book is its optimism: it makes the necessary connection between loss and life. It is always uplifting to read, never depressing.'

Catherine O'Brien

Interviewer and writer, YOU Magazine, The Mail on Sunday

Julia is just the person to help us all face the inevitability of death. In Grief Works, she invites us into her counselling room where we can sit alongside her, listening to, feeling and unravelling the loss experienced by others.  These vivid pen portraits, combined with Julia’s wise words, enrich our understanding and soothe our innermost fears.   By laying bare the profound pain of grief, Julia ultimately leaves us with the reassurance that no matter how bad it gets, it will also be all right.   This book is a truly wonderful, life-enhancing gift for us all.   

Juliet Nicolson

Author of The Perfect Summer and A House Full of Daughters

Her exceptional understanding of the way human beings think/love/mourn makes Grief Works an invaluable guide to understanding the complex emotions around death 

Grief Works Stories of Life, Death & Surviving

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