What Helps

Pillars of Strength

When we are grieving it affects every aspect of our life and our sense of self, which can mean even getting through a day, can seem insurmountably difficult. These Pillars of Strength are a system of support, that can help you every single day.

It requires work to build the pillars – they don't just appear out of the blue – as well as the commitment to keep working on them. The more regular and habitual that becomes the more effective they can be. I am confident they will help you feel physically and emotionally stronger. We are all unique, so you will need to shape these guidelines to work for you. They are based on well researched evidence, and work as an organic whole, and are therefore more effective if we work on them all, not just one or two. This may seem impossible in the first weeks and months of grief for some, but don't give up on the idea, come back to them later.